The FSM Oy 30th anniversary

Laura Sandström
January 19, 2022
Case Study

FSM Oy is a company founded in 1991, which currently employs 35 people. FSM is a technical wholesaler that imports products from leading manufacturers such as security technology, data networking and telecommunications products. Despite the exceptional situation, FSM Oy wanted to celebrate its 30th anniversary and missed a little cheer.

Our solution:

FSM held its 30th anniversary remotely. Most of the personnel attended the event from the conference rooms in Vantaa and Nokia and some from their own workstations. There were speeches and cake and coffee at the event. Wayment culminated in a virtual performance of magician Joni Pakanen's virtual performance.

Customers comment after event

Joni Pakanen brought a nice final climax to the staff Teams party on our company's birthday. The virtual show worked surprisingly well and Joni knew how to take over the audience!

Virtual Magician Joni Pakanen said after event

Extremely nice gig. The atmosphere was warm and the audience excited to experience the virtual magic. There was even a small risk of fire in the middle of the gig when the magician’s wallet caught fire. Fortunately, a fire alarm on the roof purchased from FSM secured the magician’s flaming performance. Congratulations to FSM OY! ⚡
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