Eeasy way to organize motivating remote- or hybrid staff event

Laura Sandström
January 19, 2022

New year and new ways, but telecommuting continues. Remote working and hybrid events have become a permanent part of everyday life. We compiled a list of ideas on motivating staff and improving well-being using virtual solutions.

With the changed operating environment, new ways are required to take care of and motivate the well-being of employees. Fortunately, companies and organizations are offered modern ways to organize personnel events and opportunities virtually or in a hybrid.

1. Cheer up for a remote meeting

One low-threshold solution to liven up your workday is to bring performers to a regular remote meeting like Teams, Zoom, or Google Meets. The performer can be, for example, a magician, an artist, a comedian or another entertainer who sits in the nature of the event and the target group. Performers can attend regular meetings, for example, once a quarter. In this way, a sense of togetherness, an employer image and shared memories can be built even when not present in the same place.

2. Motivational speaker remotely

As part of meetings with supervisors, salespeople, or other staff, a motivational speaker can be booked as a guest at a remote event or opportunity to create team spirit, inspire, and motivate staff toward common goals. Motivational speakers can be found in a variety of different themes and subject areas, both in Finland and internationally. More and more international top speakers are also doing affordable distance gigs. A motivational speaker can be, for example, a hockey coach, an artist or a top sales professional instead of the vision of a traditional actor.

How can you build something new from your faith in your own vision? Mikael Forsby of Portion Boys opens his career and urges him to pursue his dreams!

3. Moving together remotely

Taking care of the well-being and mobility of staff remotely is challenging. Indeed, many have immersed themselves in the world of work and left less exercise. On the other hand, it is also important to leave room for stopping. It is possible to organize various meditation, gym and yoga moments remotely. It is possible to build content as individual events, but at Wayment we believe that more continuous care for the well-being of our staff will result in the best possible results in the long run. Investing in exercise and well-being reduces long-term sick leave.

How about a dance class led by Marko Keränen?

4. Training

In the long run, taking care of one’s own well-being is increasingly the individual’s own responsibility, and nausea may not be transmitted behind the scenes. The well-being of the staff can also be maintained by organizing various lectures and events to remind the staff to take care of their own well-being and to manage themselves. It is important for every business to encourage staff to exercise, eat healthily, get enough sleep, and calm down. Well-being staff achieve better results and avoid sick leave.

Johtamismuotoilu™ (Leadership design) is practical coaching for the development of leadership as a service, through service design.

5. Team days

With Korona, Christmas and Christmas days have all too often been caught in the footsteps of budget cuts. At the latest now, it is important for companies to create team spirit responsibly. Doing more instead of big staff events has become more and more the responsibility of the teams. Instead of expensive staff events, it is possible to hold various agile and small-scale events with smaller groups, for example in the middle of nature. What would a common wakeboarding moment, dance session or guided nature trip sound like? There are a huge variety of inspiring opportunities as long as you give space to your creativity!

Long-term action guarantees results!

The well-being of the staff does not come from a single snatch, but at Wayment we believe that the best results come from long-term and participatory activities. Through us, it is possible to combine different activities, speakers and events into annual entities that take into account the different needs of the staff and the organization, as well as the seasons. It is possible to implement events as individual events or to create custom turnkey solutions if you wish.

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