How about a different, memorable Christmas card?

Laura Sandström
January 19, 2022

Customers can be remembered in many different ways, and sending electronic Christmas cards is very common these days. The only challenge is that their attention value is usually very small at the recipient's end.

Instead, you can get a distinctive greeting in many ways! What if you post a video of a well-known celebrity saying Christmas greeting on behalf of your business? Or a video with a musical performance dedicated to the recipient, or even a magic trick? Instead of e-mail, it is also possible to send a video via text message - another way to stand out from the crowd!

In addition to the Christmas greeting, the video greeting is also great as part of a newsletter or as a sales support. If you want to leave an even bigger memory footprint and surprise with experiences, get a surprise visit as part of a customer meeting, online or live.

If you need ideas or help with implementation, please get in touch and let us help. We can introduce options and also get to see what your Christmas card could look like!

Get started here or contact us via email for more details.

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