Five tips for your next kick-off

Laura Sandström
January 19, 2022

As the recommendations to remote working continue, it may become topical to hold early-year kick-off events remotely. We will pick you the best tips to get the best possible result!

1. Clear goals

Contribute to ensuring that all participants have a clear picture of what the goal of the kick-off is. The more data you can dig to support planning, usually the better you can develop your business and set realistic goals for the future. Well planned is half done!

2. Invest in team spirit

Creating a team spirit is always important in the work community, but it is only emphasized in terms of joint planning. With a good team spirit, the whole team is more committed to the goals and enthusiastically enters the new year.

3. Feed your creativity

Enthusiasm and a good atmosphere increase creativity. Create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone makes an important contribution and the conversation goes smoothly. If there are a lot of participants, you can sometimes divide them into smaller rooms, making sure everyone gets a word of mouth and everyone’s ideas and thoughts are heard.

4. Thank and encourage

Increasing success is an important way to motivate staff. Successes can also be raised during a kick-off! Making successes public increases trust in the employer, and creates a culture of success and appreciation in the workplace.

5. Include entertaining content

Ensure your success is successful by adding entertaining content. The entertainment is from side to side, it can be a surprise visit to the Falling Character, an improvisational or rap performance, or virtual magic. Also, an inspiring inspirational speaker nurtures surrender and courage, and helps create an atmosphere! We can help create the entertainment content that's right for you. Contact us if you need help designing or implementing it!

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