5 different remote activities that increase cohesion

Laura Sandström
January 19, 2022

The sense of togetherness in organizations has now declined considerably over time. Even remote meetings are often held around only one issue, where hearings often go unanswered and unheard. One of the best ways to increase the sense of togetherness between people is to create shared experiences for people. See below for 5 different ways to create a sense of belonging to the work community remotely through exercise.


Mindfullness is a conscious presence. It is like a subtype of meditation. For example, Yoga and Yin Yoga. Mindfullness can easily be implemented remotely and for a larger group at the same time. For the exercise, you need a quiet space and an internet connection either by phone or computer. Mindfullness guidance is provided by Sari Niskanen.


The effectiveness of yoga as a form of exercise depends on what kind of exercises are done and at what pace. Yoga has been shown to affect health by relieving stress and improving mood, resulting in a more active life. Through Wayment, Yoga guidance is provided by Virta Well-being & Sanna Luther

Bodyweight Excercise

In Bodyweight training, you will strengthen your middle body, upper body strength levels and you will always learn some new effective weight movement. You will become familiar with various movements such as donkey kicks, varied abdominal cramps and weight variations. Bodyweight training is suitable for both hard-level and beginners. Our instructors know how to do workouts for different levels of groups. Book bodyweight excercise session with Kim Herold


In dance classes, you bring a decent energy boost day in and day out. Dancing brings sweat to the surface and increases the sense of rhythm. The theme can range from flat rhythms, from today’s hit songs to musicals, spiced with good (!) Humor.

Schedule dance session for your team today with Marko Keränen

Break excercise

Do you do a lot of sedentary work? The rule of thumb is that once an hour you should get up and move around in some way. This speeds up the blood circulation, which makes it easier to remove the waste products. In addition, oxygen is transported to the brain and the ability to concentrate is improved. Exercise breaks are the best medicine for a sedentary worker.

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