These terms (Conditions) apply to bookings made through Wayment Oy's (Business ID 3163915-7) (Wayment) Wayment service (Service).
A customer registered for the Service (Customer) may reserve a performer, expert, public figure or performer (Performer) registered for the Service to perform at their remote or video event.
These Terms and Conditions apply to the contractual relationship between the Customer and the Performer, which arises when the Performer confirms the booking made by the Customer through the Service for visiting the Customer at the event.
When the Customer gives an order to the Performer through the Service, the Customer must accept the current Terms and Conditions. A reservation cannot be made without accepting these Terms. When the Performer accepts the Customer's reservation in the Service, the Performer must accept the current Terms and Conditions. A booking cannot be accepted without accepting these Terms.


The times when the Performer can be booked to perform at a remote or video event are displayed for each Performer on the Service in the calendar updated by the Performer (Calendar). The Customer makes a reservation for the Calendar according to the instructions in the Service. The Performer may either reject or accept the Customer's reservation. The reservation is binding on the customer. If the Performer does not accept the reservation made by the Customer for the free time indicated in the Performer's Calendar within the next working day, the reservation will be automatically rejected in the Service. The Performer is not obliged to fulfill any requests or wishes made by the Customer to the Performer in connection with the booking. If the Performer does not accept the Customer's requests for the occasion, the Performer shall immediately notify the Customer in writing. In this case, the customer may cancel their reservation if necessary.

Cancel or reschedule booking

The customer can cancel an accepted reservation as follows: Pre-recorded video greetings: The customer cannot cancel an accepted reservation. for a compelling reason (eg illness). The Performer must immediately notify the Customer and Wayment in writing of any obstruction. The Customer may contact Wayment to find a suitable replacement arrangement.

Cancellation terms for private persons

If the Customer is a private person, the Customer has the right to cancel the reservation within 14 days of making the reservation. In this case, the Customer does not have to pay for the service performed in full or in part during that time, if the Performer has started performing the service during the cancellation period without the Customer's consent. The Customer separately requests the Performer to take immediate action on the Performance, the Customer loses the right of cancellation. This right of withdrawal in Section 4 of the Terms does not apply to corporate customers.


The Customer notifies the Performer in advance of the nature of the event and the information and wishes (Information) regarding the event and the Presentation when making a reservation on the Service. The announcement is binding. If the Information concerning the event changes, the Customer must notify the Performer in writing immediately via the Service. If the change concerns the scope of the Performer's visit originally booked, Wayment must also be notified via the Service. Wayment will recover or refund the difference from the original reservation in such changes. The Performer shall immediately notify the Customer of the cancellation related to the change of Information.


The Performer shall not accept a booking from the Customer outside the Service that is similar to a previous booking made in the Service, which has been canceled or is being canceled by either the Customer or the Performer after the booking. has at its disposal all the necessary facilities to enable the Performer to perform the performances transmitted by the Service in a professional and high-quality manner. security and safety.

Presentation and marketing obligations

The Performer undertakes to perform all performances and visits to remote or video events (Performance) made by the Service carefully, with the professionalism required for the tasks, on the agreed schedule and with high quality. The Performance may not be sold. .The Recorded Performance, the Performer's image or name may not be used for paid advertising or commercial purposes without the Performer's prior written consent. without the prior written consent of Wayment and the Performer, except as follows: A Recorded Performance may not be shared on social media for more than 30 seconds at a time. use it for marketing purposes in its own channels.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights of the Performer remain with the Performer. All of the Customer's intellectual property rights remain with the Customer. No intellectual property rights will be transferred or assigned between the Performer and the User. is not responsible for the content, availability or copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party assignments provided through the Service.


The Performer and the Customer undertake to keep confidential any confidential information about the other party, its business partners, customers or business. Confidential information includes, for example, all business and professional secrets, financial and economic information, business plans, technical data and intellectual property rights, as well as all copies, abstracts or other similar derivative documents made therefrom. in accordance with the purpose of the assignment. The obligation of confidentiality also includes information that the Performer or the Customer has received in accordance with the confidentiality conditions agreed with third parties. This obligation of confidentiality remains in force between the Performer and the Customer even after the end of the opportunity reserved through the Service.


These Terms and Conditions bind the Customer and the Performer from the reservation of an order through the Service to the termination of the assignment, except for confidentiality obligations that remain between the parties after the assignment has been resolved. resolve any disputes through negotiation. Disputes that cannot be settled amicably will be settled in the Helsinki District Court. The user may also bring an action in the competent district court determined by the domicile.‍