Heidi Jääskeläinen

Heidi's mission is to bring happiness to workplaces.

Heidi's mission is to bring happiness to workplaces. Why has burnout and fatigue become so normal? Well-being should be normal. Current way of working in many organisations does not seem to provide the results employees are expecting. As Albert Einstein said, "The madness is to repeat the same thing over and over again while still waiting for a different result." We need a whole new approach to building a happier working life. At the heart of a happy working life is an awareness of one’s own and other people’s feelings and fears and their effects on behavior. The work communities and leaders of the future will take the lead in their own minds and rise to a new level of awareness. The Happiness Design ™ method is based on studies of happiness, i.e., positive psychology, mindfulness, and brain neuroplasticity.

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